USAA Credit Card


There are so many things that are right about the USAA Credit Card-Secured by the USAA that really does deserve a round of applause. Yes, every card and service will no doubt have its issues. The fact that there is even a USAA Credit Card-Secured available for military people is something very admirable. They also have such a low-interest rate with no penalties should an issue happen within the account. The standard late fees apply which are expected for any card to remind us that we really need to pay our bills on time. If you are one of the military men and women that really need to establish or rebuild your credit, the USAA Credit Card-Secured is more than likely the perfect choice for you.

The main thing that would need to be in place before you apply is that you will need to be of course a member of the USAA. When you apply for the USAA Credit Card you are also applying for a USAA 2 year CD which requires a minimum of $250 deposit. This is one other way they are making sure that you build your credit and learn to invest at the same time. For some, the fact of them forcing you to invest in the CD upfront is a little much. However, if you are serious about building or rebuilding your credit worthiness, the USAA may have some great lifelong things to teach you in a short time about investing and building credit.

Depending on how much you will choose to invest into your CD account, that same amount will become your credit limit. This is such a great deal that if it were possible for civilians to become members and join their system it may become overrun with civilians instead of military personnel. With most cards of this kind also accepting application fees at the time of enrollment, the USAA Credit Card-Secured isn't charging any application fees and yet they are providing such an exceptional service not likely matched by any other Secured card offers on the market. You can really see how at the USAA they are doing a great job taking care of the military personnel of the U.S.

There are two options for the type of card you would like to have issued. You can choose from the Platinum Visa or the American Express Card. Both options still come with the USAA CD and they both also have all the same APR so the card choice is only a matter of preference really. Having such an organization taking care of the nations' military personnel in this way is refreshing to realize. If you are one of the military men and women with a need to rebuild or restore your credit, definitely check into the USAA Credit Card because this card likely holds all the answers that you need. There are so many satisfied military personnel that have these cards that the USAA Credit Card has a 92% satisfactory rating among military personnel.